Applied Logic Engineering, Inc.

Technology and Management Solutions

Applied Logic has a number of products commercially available that provide remote control of a variety of cameras and camcorders.


Remote Camera Control

Sony / Canon / Blackmagic LANC camcorder remote control products


             Click here for camera compatibility information



                          ALE711/710-Dual/Single Camera LANC Controller

                          ALE708-USB to LANC Interface Adapter

                          ALE716-Serial LANC Controller



                          ALE704- LANC Software

                          ALE712- Deluxe LANC Software


                          ALE707- LANC 2.5mm to 10-pin Cable Adaptor

                          ALE709- LANC/Video/Audio to 10-pin Cable

             Technical Manual

                          Sony Control-L (LANC) and Control-S Interfacing and Design Guide



GoPro Hero / Hero2 / Hero3 camera remote control products


                 Adapter / Software

                          ALE506 -Deluxe USB to GoPro Adapter

                          ALE501- Serial to GoPro Adapter



                          ALE503 - GoFi WiFi Software


                          ALE504 - GoPro USB to 5VDC In / Video Out Cable

                          ALE505 - GoPro Realtime Video Output

Panasonic Lumix GH1/GH2/GH3/GH4 remote control products



                          ALE723-Dual Camera (3D) controller

Other camera / camcorder remote control products


                 Eye-Fi SD WiFi Card


HackHD camera remote control products


                 Adapter / Software

                          ALE401- USB to HackHD Adapter

                          ALE402-Serial to HackHD Adapter


Canon / Nikon DSLR camera remote control products



                          ALE724-Dual Camera (3D) controller